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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Being able to see the good, positive side of your hurts is the number one skill needed in order to start transmuting pain into joy.

Self-love must be accomplished first; your self-love must be strong enough to the point it takes over the need or desire to self-sabotage in any way. When we love someone else more than we love ourselves we tend to make choices that benefit that someone or others more than it does us, even when this means taking away from oneself, hurting oneself, settling. Being unhappy because is all we know.

Self-love is a must; it teaches us boundaries and how to choose what’s best for us. This is not a form of selfishness it’s actually a great way to self-care. If you don’t care for yourself more than others, how can you expect anyone else to care for you more than you?

No matter your situation, I can help you guide you into any of the selves. While still caring and respecting those you love.

Just a lil reminder...

Anyone who takes your growth and self-care choices personal or as if you are taking away from them, or purposely hurting them just by you choosing to better yourself, it's not a being worth your time or energy.

Someone who truly loves you, minimum cares for you will always want to see you happy and accomplishing your goals. Think of what you do! you go all out to see them good, no? there's your proof.

Stop giving your beautiful energy to people who don't give you the same energy back. Take your shit, go find yourself. As you do, you will find the right people for you.

Love & Healing to you!


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