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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We all experience struggles, different types some harder than others. When struggling, we tend to shut our thinking side of the brain and run on emotions. Most start to use their hurt as an excuse to HURT OTHERS.

I went through it for a whole year and a half, feeling like I had to start life all over again.

To see with your own eyes and hear with your own ear and feel with your own feelings that what you thought was real wasn't, That the people you spent most of your time with did not love minimum CARED for you is one of the toughest situations to experience. Specially, when the truth is about someone so close to you.

DO NOT LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL LESS OF A PERSON BASED ON WHO THEY WANT YOU TO BE. Or on your way of giving and loving others, a lot of people who do not love themselves tend to try and diminish the love you feel for yourself and others. They do not understand how can this be real. We all cope, react, deal, and do things OUR own ways, and some just have been abused or unloved for so long that when they meet someone like you full of love they do not get it. If you're not being accepted by those in your inner circle, you should figure out a way to speak on it or when to leave that relationship.

I know some of us have people around us claiming to be perfect or better than most, when in reality they are the first ones to treat others like pure shit. Those who are a bit hood or a lot hood lol we get taken less serious and just be taken advantage of because we are "different".

WE SHOULD ALL BE TREATED WITH THE SAME RESPECT. There’s no such thing as, because you “cuss while you speak“, or because you are more “aggressive“ than others or speak louder than others while you express yourself, we are less of a HUMAN!.

Being louder or wearing your heart of your sleeve should not take away the fact that there are REAL feelings and experiences and it should all be respected and treated as equal.

SPEAKING CALM DOES NOT MEAN HARMLESS. I have grown up with many narcissist that play the victim rode and barely yell!.

stand your ground, stick to your boundaries, be firm about your believes, be you. Feel free to be you. The right people will stay by your side even if they take a break and come back lol I mean come on now we all know many people as adult have so much going on that they do not see one another every day!. Yet when you see one another again is like y'all never left. These are the right people to have around, your body allows you to know who's for you LISTEN to it.

Love & Healing to you.


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