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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Being alone isn’t as bad as people think it is or others make it out to be seen,

some of us are just afraid of the thought of being alone. Dying alone. That phrase "I don't want to die alone" has been around for probably 100s of years I am not sure, and it sounds pretty scary and sad but one thing is for sure throughout all these years there have been people in the middle either being forced by life situations to be alone or they just tried people and one day said nah I rather be alone. These people are some of the most strongest and powerful people on Earth.

To take on life challenges on your own and not be able to run to anyone for help in human form other than yourself is one of the most difficult and toughest experiences I have lived through, mind you I have only done this for a year and it has made me 10 times stronger than I was before my life choices placed me in such positions. Therefore I can only imagine those who have been on their own since childhood. I understand today's day that the longer you've been on your own the stronger you are emotionally and mentally.

Being emotionally and mentally strong does not mean you don't have needs and wants it’s just you learn to accept that you’re alone and you must be your own support system till the right people come along. You learn to understand and accept that, the FREE things you desire from others such as loyalty and emotional support are not available at the moment with a calmer, more graceful type of attitude, minimum you feel more patience for these lacks.

The fact that you are alone allows you to be attentive to the things around you, more than when you have people around. As we can see the more people we have around the less you are able to think calmer due to all the opinions and advice people are constantly giving out. And the need to “live for others expectations“. Most people focus more on telling others how to live than they focus on their own lives, So it creates lots of competition or just chaos and ones self doubt.

When in solitude, meditate and do things that come to your heart, mind and soul. Do not deny yourself the chance to fall in love with the number one person you should have been in love with since birth!, YOU!.

If you were placed on Hermit mode it was for a reason, to me that reason is always you! God The Universe and Spirit want you to focus on YOU!, there is something about you, you must learn. Whether this is involving something you need to learn between you and others, or just some self awareness. I feel mostly it has to do with learning something that benefits you and since you are not seeing it, you had to be placed on SOLO MODE.

Love & Healing to you.


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