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New ME

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Today I am confident, I accept and LOVE me better, I understand me more.

Today no one can get to me while trying to humiliate me or make me feel less of a person. I have learned to be in solitude. During this time so far I have learned about seeing things and people for what they are, healing, Angel numbers, numerology, some Spirituality and a few other amazing things. being alone can be scary and boring at time even life threatening when too weak. Please know coming from such a family oriented person like myself by being forced to be alone I understood it is much better than being surrounded with people who don't mean you well. Being alone leads you to learn so much and to see so clear to hear the truth even when no one is speaking. You do not need to get that person's attention, if they wanted you they would have shown you at least with a small gesture "they likes you". You can tell your ”friends“ like you or that your friend is truly your friend by the way they prioritize you. Family as well falls under this category, you know when people are being true to you. We choose to blindfold ourselves, most of the time just because we don't want to be alone. Family sometimes can be even more toxic than outsiders, trust me I am DOMINICAN, I know what is like to have your family put you down or act like you will never amount to anything, or your just not good enough. STOP caring about people who show you they DO NOT CARE FOR YOU, just learn to care from a DISTANCE. BEING PATIENT for someone to love and accept you should have boundaries and a time limit!!.

Protect yourself, be good to you too.

Love & Healing to you.


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