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Making it

To be honest, one never stop learning.

Those who don't learn something new often, are stuck people. Stuck people choose to believe they have nothing new to learn.

Trying to make it to where you see yourself mentally, emotionally or physically, is a challenge that picks up it's paste the more you try to reach it, the more challenging it becomes. Do you understand why?

This is so you use your skills, to see if you're truly there...

Are you truly where you want to be yet?

Are you truly emotionally connected to your patience?

Are you able to be put in a situation where you won't react like the (you) you're trying so hard to leave behind?

The bigger the challenge the more you have told yourself you were ready for what is happening. Sometimes subconsciously we convince ourselves that we are ready therefore the Universe tests us.

Our guides give us hints and the voices "intuition" we hear let us know which way to go but do we listen all the time? To make it into being who you want to be in the near future, you must take you a bit more serious rather than taking things others do personally.

Detachment is key to making it!

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