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If you only knew.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

If you truly believed in yourself as much as you do in others, and stop allowing them to tell you how to live your life, would make you so much more happier. Now if you’re a GIVER, I know we usually give from the heart, we also understand that giving is a huge way to show love. When I say givers I mean GIVERS, not just financially. This can be a reason you might choose to allow abuse.

Giving to others more than you give to yourself, just read it again does it even sound right to you?. It's only accepted when you are giving to people who deserve it or at least people who have earned it, or like in a serious such as life and death situation, It's ok, it’s actually to ME, an amazing higher bliss, An honorable thing to be such a being, for you to offer others your assistance, love, time and energy I PERSONALLY love it! Lol 😊.

Now, we know abuse of any kind is not ok nor should it be your NORMAL way of living, allowing yourself to be abused willingly or when you let others control your being, giving and feeding into the energy of those who abuse you is self sabotaging and just as bad as the person doing you wrong 😩. The longer you stay around specially if you're quiet about what's going on, the longer your pain and the harder it is to stop the abuse. So I think about it, and ask, why?. Why do you stay and live YOUR life this way?, I leave out those that actually enjoy these type of treatments. Believe it or not some ppl really do like being mistreated, I grew up with a friend or two who purposely did things just so they can get hit. No judging here tho, today I understand these people need a phycologist more than others. But to those who are in need of help looking to get out of a situation whether that is with a fam member, a lover, fried, ect.. The only thing you can do is LEAVE!. Cold turkey just leave.

In the end you will be left with nothing but a lesson you could have learned without causing yourself so much stress and heartaches just because you refused to say no or to have your own back first!. I know it might not be as easy as it sounds, I get it, specially in most cases it’s not as easy to leave or speak up about it due to the intensity of the abuse, yet Again it's never the right time! is it?.., By choosing to do nothing in these type of situations of mental, emotional or physical abuse, can be dangerous. It is important to get some type of help and to be honest you must be the first person to help you!.

When you allow others to control you, to live your life for you, to keep you living in fear of being FREE, of being who you truly feel you are inside, who you are MEANT to be, you live in misery. They have their own bodies and life no?. Some of us learn our true values after something tragical happens, others know their value from birth. I believe this self love we lack or give ourselves is key to making better choices for ourselves.

The bigger your doubt, depends on our upbringings, on how much we are taught as a child to love and accept oneself for who we are. This can teach us self respect and allows us to be less judgmental when it comes to freely loving oneself and others. Hating is more common because we made It this way at some point in time. But, when you have self awareness, it becomes easier to feel empathy and love for others without always expecting something other than respect in return. Do this for yourself! respect yourself enough to know when to walk away from PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS not serving your MIND, BODY & SOUL.

Walk away baby, save yourself.

Love & Healing to you.


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