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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Summer of 2020 was the beginning of the end to my old ways and life style, I almost internally hurt myself with the stress and pressure I put on my mind and soul based on the fact that I chose to live a double life. This life style I forced upon myself allowed me to be REBIRTHED. Which today's day I am extremely GRATEFUL for!.

During isolation:

I made a new Instagram account where I chose to follow only spiritual pages, Coaches and people who inspired others to become better beings. I flowed pages such as Moonomen, _Awaken_One_ and a few more. The internet can truly be a life saver! its not just for bad stuff!!. During this time I also stopped talking to everyone I knew, I mean EVERYONE!! I deleted my social media and stood away from ppl period. I lost so much weight too from all the stress.

I am learning the truth to life, it all goes back to the one true meaning of everything IN LIFE is about unconditional Love to self. Having self love can guide you so far! this allows us to be good to others, to place ourselves in others peoples choose and be great individuals. Most people never wake up, some die stuck with the lies of ”living”, with the what's "right". The material things or what degrees you have. Once you understand no-one belongs to you, no one owes you anything and vise versa, You will begin to see that giving and receiving without expectations is the way to live a healthier life,

The woman I am today knows what she wants, I know how much I GIVE, I know my WORTH and I will not tolerate, NOT family nor anyone else to disrespect me. Is ok if you do not agree with my way of being God does, I do, My children DO. To live your life you YOUR way you MUST be authentically YOU and not anyone else, the RIGHT people will accept you for who you are.

Love & Healing to you.


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