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A yes person.

Updated: Jul 18

There's nothing wrong with being a sheep/yes person as long as you enjoy being one or you have the knowledge on how to be one.

Following instructions and following a job's protocol are not what I am referring to as being a sheep.

What I mean is being spoken to a certain way and not being able to verbally defend yourself because the person speaking to you feels you have no rights to speak up and when you do, they consider you to be defensive.

Your point of view is inappropriate to them.

Not speaking up for yourself is ok as long as you're not allowing anyone to abuse you in any way. If so, you should DEFINITELY SPEAK UP!

Believe it or not today I understood on a different level that being a yes person/sheep pays off more than speaking up with certain humans.

This is why some healers/therapist educate us on self-control, growth and ways of responding.

I still have issues with being a yes person.

The respect I know of just doesn't allow me to be a sheep/yes person 100 percent.

I am not sure if I will ever become one.

I continue to try and no matter how hard I try; I find myself in the same place.

Unable to allow someone else to put blame on me for something I did not do.

Unable to stay shut when I have an answer for their misconception.

Those like me who speak up often get told we don't know how to communicate. BUT isn't it weird how we are actually over communicating? Expressing ourselves? and still, get negative feedback and expected to just STFU and obey.

Funnier is that, with the same breath they say, be you, speak up, we want you to be comfortable. Then the moment you do, you're being defensive or disrespectful?

Point is when surrounded by these people or scenarios try your best to just be that yes person. no matter how hard it is for you, try!

For your sake, for what you want. Do not let others affect you or your plans.

Remember what happens most of the time, someone speaks up for themselves and for some odd reason they get affected in negative ways just because they were unable to hide their rightful emotions. isn't that fucked up?

If you have gone through this before just know it won't be the last time you meet someone who dislikes your ways. Learning to not care and to let go in the sense of not letting their ways control your emotions is the best choice you can make for your peace of mind. Let them believe what they want. Let them think they are right, at the end of the day that shit has nothing to do with you. And believe it or not some people egos are big af.

Weak people feel the need to control others & not being able to control you will trigger weak people.

So, if you find it hard to be a sheep don't feel bad, understand not everyone was born with the need to be controlled or being told what to do. But there are times depending on the situation being a sheep pays off even if you have to pretend to be one, just learn.

Today I see it as speak to them but not connect to them, if you know what I mean. If they show you, they don't care about you why get emotional about them? So, they make you feel triggered but not reacting to their fucked up ways, I don't know sing in your head or something lol.

People who are right for you, allow you to be YOU. Whether is at home, work, school, anyone you interact with on a daily basis, understand your ways and as I said before those who you trigger are the ones who go against your flow. So, the other beings who don't, let them think they are winning at being shitty, do it for you. This will allow you to grow, as you use self-control within your responds.

I am still having a hard time with this, which is why I had to share because it is what Divine has shown me, I am still doing wrong, in case it can help you understand why it's so hard to STFU when being treated wrong.


I send you much love and positive energy.

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