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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I went a whole lifetime believing putting other people before me was ”normal”. Feeling guilty if I ever chose me first or ever said NO. Taking away from myself to give it to those I loved or cared for without expecting anything back other than respect and love was my way to live since I could remember.

The difference between me and most is that I forgive even when ppl do me wrong. I look at the best in people even when they do NOT “deserve it”. It is easy for me to put myself in other peoples shoes. I don’t mind being caring, giving, being an open book to those I trust. I love helping, and being there for those who need me, it truly made me happy to be there for ”my” people.

But around Oct 2020 I had to get slapped with a bucket of cold water. A voice in me said “wtf are you doing?” wake the FUCK up!, I was able to see all my life in a flash and be able to see the things I was allowing willingly. Some I didn’t realized I was doing so... Love can truly blind you, we can spend years blinded by what we believe is Love. I can’t push this enough, learning to let go is a must for those of us who are too loving Lol. Learning to put oneself first is a MUST.

It can be tough and scary at first, being in solitude can teach you so much self worth And about those around you, including work environments. Once you learn to be alone IT BECOMES SO MUCH MORE EASIER TO LET GO OF THE TOXIC PEOPLE AND TRATES YOU CAN’T SEEM TO LET GO OF.

CHOOSE YOU!!! even if they call it SELFISH. SELF LOVE its NOT SELFISH!.

Love & Healing to you.


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