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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We all know what Fear feels like, at some point in our lives we have all felt fears ways of manipulating us into thinking we can't do something. I have lived almost my whole life allowing Fear to control my every move. Not taking on certain chances just because I have been too afraid to fail. To get made fun off, if things went wrong.

As a small child I was always a dreamer, a bit of a risk taker and as I grew I would start to confess my desires to those around me. To find myself being told "um that will never happen" "that takes a long time" "too many years of school" "try something EASIER". It was always too much, too big, or too far for me to obtain. I wanted to become a professional singer, a Phycologist, a restaurant owner. I have always been a Rainbow type of person full of many colors, meaning I seen me doing lots of different things. But instead, I went on living my whole life listening to those around me tell me to settle for something more obtainable. Something more realistic.

I allowed the Fears others projected onto me to take over me so instead I gave up and became a rebel, which got me taken away from those paths I desired dearly. I had become so angry at the fact that I did not obtain the degree or education needed that I gave up on my dreams.

Today I find myself away from most of those "loved" ones who guided me into FEAR as a small child, as a teenager and to be honest I am now able to feel free. I am now living my life MY way. I am again like that small child I was full of hopes and dreams. Taking on each challenge as it comes.

Fear lingers around waiting for me to give in, but it knows it has lost its case with me. I will continue to get up and try each and every time God and the Universe allows me!.

I love to tell you my beautiful reader to please BELIEVE in YOURSELF!, please do not allow anyone around you to take your hopes and dreams away from you. Do not allow ANYONE, NOT your parents NOT your BESTIE! NOT your teacher to tell you what you can and can not do. You can do all your imagination envisions, you can do all your heart desires! you can do more than one career. Do not limit yourself based on FEARS!. Do not pass down the feeling of Fear onto the little ones around you. No matter how far fetch it may sound to you SUPPORT them the same way you would like to be supported.

Each time Fear shows up you tell it to SHUT UP and DO IT!, do whatever it is you want to do to better your life, even if you fail keep trying till it works!. Sometimes we try over and over with the result of making something even better than we had planned. All it takes is your tries, efforts and desires to KICK FEAR in the behind.

DO NOT FEED YOUR FEAR!, You got this.

Love & Healing to you,


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