Of My Love

I believe, since childhood the different life experiences we go through lead us to the adults we CHOOSE to become.

Your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart desires. The challenges we face since childhood should never be the reason, we become what we've been through.

Instead, use all that darkness to your advantage.

My life challenges brought me to create, Survive Being YOU. This is a safe place where I blog about different life experiences with the intentions to connect to those who seek change & GROWTH.

Being the black sheep is a gift, to choose yourself is NOT "selfish". Learn to live YOUR life without the guilt of others' expectations of you.

If you feel, lonely, misunderstood, in need of advice. Or maybe you feel like giving up on life, on your goals? reach out to me.

I am here for you!

Serious inquiries only!


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